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To see if pain is caused by a meniscus tear, a doctor might ask you to squat. The doctor might also bend, straighten, and rotate your knee. The doctor also might order an X-ray to check for other conditions that can cause knee pain or a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan to get a better look at the soft tissue of your knee. X-rays and mris are the best way to "look" inside the knee without doing surgery. What causes a meniscus tear? Older people often get meniscus tears because their menisci become brittle and less flexible with age. But for teens, meniscus tears usually happen because of an injury — often after twisting or turning the knee while it is bent and the foot is firmly planted.

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on the severity of the tear. Someone who gets a minor tear may only have slight pain and swelling that goes away after 2 or 3 weeks. Moderate to severe tears also might cause these symptoms: a "pop" in the knee when the tear occurs pain in the center or side of the knee, especially when twisting the knee or squatting. This will usually go away after a couple of weeks but can come and go for much longer if the tear is not treated. Swelling and stiffness in the knee that gets worse over the first 2 or 3 days after the injury occurs limited range of motion the knee feeling as if it is locking or popping when bending; it might not straighten the knee feeling like. What do doctors Do? If you see a doctor about pain in your knee, he or she will ask how you injured it and what it feels like. The doc will also review your medical history to see if the pain might be caused by something other than a torn meniscus. The doctor will examine your knee to see if you have any tenderness in the area where your meniscus sits.

Your knee is made up of three bones: the thighbone (femur the shinbone (tibia and the kneecap (patella as well as the soft tissue that connects them. Between your femur and your tibia are two c-shaped discs of cartilage. They act as shock absorbers for the bones and help keep your knee stable. These c-shaped discs are your menisci (plural of meniscus ). They can be torn, particularly if the knee twists suddenly while it is bent. Viewed from the front or back, the meniscus is wedge shaped. This shape helps keep the rounded surface of your femur from sliding off the flat top of your tibia. The outer edges of this wedge receive a good supply of blood, and tears in this part of the meniscus heal well on their own. But the inner part of the meniscus has no direct blood supply to help it heal. Tears in this area might need surgery. A torn meniscus is a common sports injury, particularly in contact sports like football and hockey.

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En españolDesgarro de menisco, the offensive line had been opening big holes in the defense for Dylan to run through all game, and he'd already scored two touchdowns as a result. But on one play a defender closed the hole and stood him up until more defenders came and helped. As Dylan was forced to the ground, his knee got caught under him and bent awkwardly, and he felt a little pop. The team's trainer bult told Dylan to take the rest of the game off and ice his knee. The next day his knee was still tender and a little swollen, osteoarthritis so he went to see a doctor. The doctor asked questions and examined the knee. He sent Dylan for an mri scan, and when Dylan came back for the results he learned he'd torn his meniscus and might need surgery to fix. What Is a meniscus tear?

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Jackson jl, o'malley pg, kroenke. Evaluation of acute knee pain in primary care. Ann Intern Med 2003; 139:575. Kroenke k, jackson. Brief definitions of obscure words starting with the radiology letter. Your guide to knee pain. Find out the cause of your knee pain, injury, symptoms, and learn ways to prevent a knee injury, how to buy a knee brace if injured, and what. Health Star Clinic offers pain management programs to treat painful conditions with medical treatments, chiropractic adjustments or physical treatments.

If injury to saturday the vertebrae is suspected always seek medical attention at soon as possible. X-ray will be taken to confirm the diagnosis and the extent of the injury. The presence of associated injuries should also be investigated due to the level of force required to fracture a transverse process. Ct or, mRI scans may also be performed. Providing there is no associated injury and the transverse process is not displaced, then the majority of fractures are treated conservatively, without surgery. A brace may be used to ensure the spine is kept still and straight to allow healing of the bone. A gradual introduction of spinal movement can be used once the bone has healed and the patient is pain-free.

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Transverse process fracture symptoms, transverse process fracture of the spine include sudden pain in the back at the time of injury. There will be decreased range of motion of the affected area of the spine and pain when trying to bend or twist the affected area. In particular there may be tenderness and swelling around the site of the fracture. Transverse process fracture explained, a transverse process fracture is quite a rare injury. It usually results from a sudden extreme twisting or side bending movement. Occasionally it may be due to a direct meniscus impact to the process itself, although they are pretty well covered by muscle to this is not common. Avulsion fractures of the transverse process may also occur in the lumbar spine. The Psoas muscle attaches to the transverse processes and a strong contraction of this muscle may cause one or more fractures. Because of the location of the fracture it is unlikely to cause any instability of the spine or any damage to the spinal cord.

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