Chest plate pain

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Prevention: The above, and avoid heavy meals or food that brings the indigestion. Other risk factors are being overweight and lack of exercise. You really shouldnt self-diagnose chest pain unless you absolutely cant get medical help. Even heart doctors need to get tests, and still the diagnosis may be iffy. Next post, i go over a few more non-heart causes of chest pain. Have any of you ever had chest pain? What did it turn out to be?

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Indigestion symptoms: A burning or cramping in the chest. Sour fluid can come back up in your throat. Signs: This is primarily a symptom diagnosis. Sometimes, your mid-upper abdomen can be tender. But maastricht if its more than a little tender, you should be thinking of other possible causes, such as pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) or an ulcer.

Both the pancreas and the stomach are located in that area. Both problems can be serious and need to be checked out by a doctor asap. Treatment: Antacids such as Tums, rolaids, or maalox. A half-teaspoon of baking soda mixed in a glass of water can be a quick fix, but taking too much (say, the dose mentioned several times a day for over a week or two) can mess with your bodys acid-base balance and be very unhealthy. Over-the-counter meds, like tagamet, pepcid, and Prilosec, help but tend to take longer to work.

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The sternochondral joints (cartilage to sternum connections) run along the edge of the breastbone. Common causes for pain in these joints are repetitive pushing and pulling, a chronic cough, or large breasts. Costochondritis symptoms: Chest pain in those areas. It can be worse with deep breaths or arm movements. Touching the joint area makes the pain worse, and its the same type of pain youre already having.

Treatment: Anti-inflammatories, like ibuprofen (Advil) or naproxen (Aleve can help, as can a heating pad on moderate temperature or warm towels for about twenty minutes every two to four hours. And, of course, dont do the activity that you think has caused the pain. If you have large breasts, wear a good support bra. If the pain is severe, doctors can inject the joint with numbing medicine for temporary relief. Sometimes, a steroid is added for longer-lasting relief. The survival Doctors guidebooks. They do an anxious heart good. The problem with indigestion is sometimes, a heart attack can feel like a bad case. So get to a hospital if your indigestion discomfort is prolonged, worse, or different than usual; if theres associated sweating or shortness of breath; or if it just wont go away.

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In the front, some of your rib bones hand connect to the sternum (breastbone) by way of cartilages. The place where the rib attaches to the cartilage is a joint. So is the place where the cartilage attaches to the sternum. And, like other joints, these can get stressed and inflamed. Try feeling them now. Itll help you know where to feel later if they become a source of pain. The costochondral joints (rib to cartilage connections) are located approximately along the nipple line running vertically. In my experience this joint causes the most trouble.

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The lungs or the lining of the lungs. Shingles and anxiety are two exceptions. As you might imagine, there are many potential causes of non-heart chest pain. But in my experience, the two most common are costochondritis (rib pain, for short) and indigestion. Costochondritis, this chest-wall pain is so easy to miss and yet so easy (most of the time) to diagnose. A rib is not just one long, curved bone going around half the chest. They move just enough to help expand your chest to take in air and contract it to blow the air out. In the back of the chest, joints connect the ribs to the spine.

Its not until we get an ekg (heart tracing) that we find out he/shes machines having a big ol heart attack. One of the more difficult diagnostic dilemmas in medicine is to completely rule out heart trouble as your cause for chest pain. So if youre having pain, dont assume. Get it checked out. My last post has tips for what to do until you can. In this post, though, Im going to go over some causes and treatments for non-heart chest pain. Chest pain almost always comes from one of four places: The chest wall (ribs, spine, and muscles). The heart or blood vessels.

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Like any other joint, the rib joints can get inflamed and painful. The pain can make you think youre having a heart attack. (Always get it checked out if possible though because you might.) by, james Hubbard, md, mph, more than once ive had a patient complain of severe chest pain and we just cant figure compression out what. There are no other signs or symptoms. A few days later a rash develops in the area of the pain, and we have a diagnosis—shingles. Other times the patient just knows its a bad case of indigestion. Antacids even help.

Chest plate pain
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